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Mesobright is a fantastic treatment for dull, devitalised and stressed skins. It is specifically formulated to lighten and brighten skin tone in hyper pigmented areas and help with other disturbances in the skins colour balance.

Its high concentration of Vitamin C helps stimulate collagen synthesis, activating the skins natural defences and strengthening skin firmness


Treatments by Dermaquest

MangoBrite Resurfacing

Designed with Vitamin C, Orange Stem Cells and Mango Pulp, this hydrating resurfacer provides a basic level of exfoliation as it evens skin tone and helps to repair all levels of hyperpigmentation. Kojic Acid diminishes dark spots by reducing melanin production for a thoroughly brightened complexion.

SkinBrite Peel

This combination of Lactic, Mandelic and Phytic Acids work together to brighten skin and create an even skin tone. Additionally, Mandelic Acid is an effective tyrosinase inhibitor. An excellent treatment against hyperpigmentation and the appearance of dark spots due to acne scaring or melasma. Safe for Fitzpatrick 4-6 skin types.