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Beau Visage


Beau Visage™ is a revolution in skin imaging and aesthetic treatment management. Using Beau Visage™, aesthetic practitioners have the unique ability to see up to 2mm under the surface of the skin not only to view blood, melanin, sun damage and skin health versus age, but also to measure and monitor it over time.


Beau Visage™ is a skin imaging and consultation system that has been designed for aesthetic practitioners so that they can both generate revenue from the consultation and, using Beauty Timeline™, offer superior customer relationship management throughout the course of a treatment or therapy.
Skin tone: the secret of a youthful appearance

For years, wrinkles have been the number one target for procedures to give a youthful appearance. But wrinkles are only one factor in the aging process. Scientific research has shown that an even skin tone can reduce the appearance of age by as much as twenty years.

When we are young we have an even, luminous skin tone. As we age our skin gets thinner, dull and skin tone becomes uneven or blotchy, making us look older. Beau Visage™ is unique in that it enables us to look at two of the skin’s chromophores: blood and melanin. Blood and melanin influence skin tone the most, and Beau Visage™ enables us to visualise and measure them, helping the aesthetic practitioner to choose therapies and treatments that harmonise skin tone.